We Make Simple Apps
For iOS.

Apps have gotten
too complicated.

We believe in the right tool for the job. Our apps provide the features needed to do the job; nothing more, nothing less.

Apps you'll love

We follow simplicity by design; we believe in focused apps that do one thing and do it well. No superfluous design and swishyness; we get the job done (with just the right amount of swishyness)

Friendly by rule

We're a small boutique app dev shop. We're very approachable and happy to talk through your app requirements for free, no strings attached. We really like talking over beer.

Driven by quality

We believe Test Driven Development, automated testing and code quality are pivotal to delivering the best apps.

Like what you've heard so far? Why not drop us an Email to discuss your app ideas, or talk to us about something we've already built.

Our App Family

We like to build apps that we actually need. Our app family is just starting but growing fast.

Stones, Pounds and Kilos

A simple application to quickly convert between kilos, stones and pounds to make those conversations with your fitness buddies much easier when crossing the imperial/metric boundary

Lovely Clock

Lovely Clock is a simple yet elegant clock for your iPad and iPhone. Perfect for the office or at home. Choose your background and text colours to suit your needs.


Meet Carson, your personal music butler.
Fed up of scrolling through your music collection trying to find something to listen to but being unable to choose? Let Carson choose for you. If you like his suggestion it will start playing, else he'll keep coming up with suggestions until you're happy.

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